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آموزش کامل نرم افزار و سرویس قدرتمند و رایگان آی درایو idrive جهت بکاپ گیری اتوماتیک ، به اشتراک گذاری و همگام سازی فایل ها در سرورهای ابری قدرتمند آنلاین idrive علی جعفرمحمدی

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درباره سیستم اشتراک گذاری فایل Idrive (زبان اصلی)

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درباره سیستم اشتراک گذاری فایل Idrive (زبان اصلی)


What is IDriveSync?

IDriveSync is software designed to make it easy to sync files and folders between your computers and mobile devices, in addition to sharing them with friends.

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What does syncing mean?

IDriveSync creates a special folder on your computer - the files and folders you place in this folder will be copied to the IDriveSync cloud, where it is held securely in our servers. The data is then available on all of the devices you have connected to your IDrive account (mobile devices, computers, etc.) This process makes the files accessible anywhere, at anytime. If you update a file on one device, IDriveSync will automatically update your other devices.

IDriveSync - Explorer

What is Timeline?

With Timeline view, you can view all the photos and videos in your account, uploaded from any device, chronologically by month. Items can be selected from within the Timeline view to share, move, copy, delete, etc. Clicking on any item will open the image in the Gallery view. The Timeline icon is present on the Home screen beside the search field.

IDriveSync - Timeline IDriveSync - Timeline

How can I recommend IDriveSync to my friends?

Login to your IDriveSync account and click 'Get free space'.


Click the 'Refer Friends' option.


Select contacts from Gmail / Yahoo or enter email addresses to send invites. You can also use the referral link to share it on social networks.


How does the referral system work?

IDriveSync's referral system ensures benefits for you and your friends. By referring IDriveSync you can earn up to 18GB. The referred person needs to sign up via the link shared by the IDriveSync user (you, in this case). When your referral accepts and signs up for IDriveSync, both you and your referral will each earn 1 GB.

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What is Versioning?

Any time changes are made to a file, IDriveSync saves it as a new version. The 30 most recent versions of each file are kept and you can restore them at any time.

Older versions do not count towards your allocated storage space. Only the most recent version (the one that you see in your account currently) uses up space. None of the files listed as older versions take up space.

You can also access, restore, or download an older version. See How do I restore an earlier file version?

Do versions count as stored files?

Only the latest version of each file (the one you see in your account) takes up Sync space in your account. Earlier versions are kept without counting as stored data.

How do I restore an earlier file version?

On the web

  1. Login to and locate the file you wish to restore an earlier version of.
  2. Right-click the file and select "Versions" from the dropdown menu.
  3. You will be presented with the older versions of your file. Select the one you would like to make current by clicking the "Make this current" option located to the right of the file. This will replace this file in your IDriveSync account with this selected version.
  4. Instead of restoring an earlier version, you also have the option to keep the current version and simply download an older version. Select which version you'd like to download by clicking on the IDriveSync icon next to the file.

You can also choose the file that you would like to make current, by clicking 'Make this current' option located to the right of the file.

IDriveSync - Versions

On a computer

  1. Click/right-click the IDriveSync icon IDriveSync in the System Tray/Menu Bar and select 'My IDriveSync Folder' from the popup menu.
  2. Right-click the file you wish to restore an earlier version of and go to 'IDriveSync.' From the pop out menu, select 'Versions.'
  3. From here you can either:
    1. Click the Download button next to the version you would like to restore to your computer or
    2. Select 'Make this current' next to the file you would like to restore. ('Make this current' replaces the version in your IDriveSync account. Downloading puts a downloaded version of the file on your computer, but does not replace the version in your IDriveSync account.)
IDriveSync - Versions

You thought you'd lost that older version, but we were keeping it safe for you...

What happens if I work on the same file in different locations at the same time?

If you've opened a file in multiple locations at the same time, you may accidentally overwrite updates when you save. IDriveSync can't merge the changes, but you will always have access to earlier versions, just in case.

How do I view photos?

There are different ways to view photos.

Click a photo to view:
To open a photo for viewing, simply click a photo. The photo opens up and you can either view it on fullscreen or perform more actions like share, rotate, move, delete, and copy.

IDriveSync - Photo to View

View in Gallery:
Whenever photos or videos are present in a folder in your file manager, a 'Gallery' icon IDriveSync will appear beside the search field. This icon opens up the Gallery. Gallery view will display your photos and videos on a beautiful black background that was designed to improve your viewing experience. From the Gallery, multiple files can be selected for download, share, move, copy, etc.


You can also access the Gallery by opening a picture and clicking the Gallery icon IDriveSync present below the image and alongside the other options.



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